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Over the past few years as the economy has had its ups and downs. It seems as if every contractor is suddenly specializing in building Kitchens and Bathrooms. Contractors that are not succeeding in what they originally specialized in, such as roofing/siding contractors, tile stores and cabinet showrooms etc... Have been dabbling in areas beyond their expertise. Many now claim they are Kitchen and bathroom experts. You have probably have waited a long time to afford this project, and you don't want to make a mistake or pay twice. Kitchens and Bathrooms are very complex and should be done by an accomplished company specializing in the field. So it is important to ask alot of questions.

Conclusion - Remoldeling can be a major investment, so be sure to ask the right questions and verify before choosing a company to work with. Seek out someone who is hands on with a proven track record of providing productive, stress-free, well orchestrated, home remodels. This will help to ensure that renovating your home will be enjoyable and result in a beautiful finished project you can be proud of.


We do not condone the latest fad of speedy bathrooms and kitchens, this practice is yet another attempt for you to pay more and get less as a stampede comes through the front door. Since we offer a repair and leak detection service, we have found that these projects reflect that speed and sometimes an unrealistic price was more important than quality and longevity (don't fall victim). When you consider the demands put on these rooms over a lifetime, it is easy to understand that the additional time to build it better, safer, stronger and for the long haul is an investment in the future. Bathroom or Flashroom you decide?


Over the years we have seen our projects change people's lives. Some refused to have people over or entertain for holidays greatly affecting their social lives. Some had cramped rooms that were cut off from there guest in the other rooms, unsightly bathrooms or a kitchen that was falling apart with appliances that did not work. Everyone deserves a sanitary bathroom and a functioning kitchen to live and sometimes just to sell the house. We received many letters over the year expressing appreciation for the project not being as intimidating as they originally thought, and how everyone, young and old, now gathers at their house. Apparently we have inspired many Bobby Flays and Martha Stewarts. And when some had to sell they got tip top dollar for their homes and sold within days. One claims she had a bidding war because of the kitchen and Bathroom. And yes we have the photos. Remoldeling has many benefits, some financial and some a pathway to a better way of life.

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