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How We Work

 Forget everything you have ever heard about contractors. lt all starts here.


Every job is owner supervised and organized.


We promise almost all consecutive days. Once we start your job, we are there until we are finished.


We promise the right price. We don't have x-ray vision but short of that, we identify and factor as many foreseeable expenses and details as we can to significantly minimize surprises and hiccups once construction begins. lf you change your mind about something or would like to add additional work, we will price it out and let you know its cost before we proceed.


You speak, we listen. Tell our design team what you want for your home, your budget, your taste, your lifestyle vision and your long term plan. We will offer ideas, inspiration and insightful little touches that make all the difference. Because we have been in business as long as we have, we have amassed a huge portfolio documenting a good portion of our work over the last 34 years that is second to none. lf you can dream it there is a good chance we have already built it.




It pays to be absolutely sure. 


Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words. But it is worth even more when you are making a big investment in your biggest asset. Our 3D software is top of the line, offering computerized images in your colors with a virtual walk through. We want you to spend your hard earned money wisely. We know for most people it is difficult to visualize what something will look like, and we understand. These images can show you a new layout, walls down, window choices, cabinet doors, color, floor choices right down to hanging pendent lighting. The only regret you will have is that you didn't call us sooner.


Supplier Showrooms Available for selecting Cabinets, Tile, Plumbing fixture, Appliances, Granite, Shower doors, flooring and lighting. By appointment only.

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